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Communication is key at SSKB

The central focus behind all of SSKB’s Owners Corporations and Bodies Corporate is communication. After all, without successful communication, chaos would erupt!

The UNSW study, Governing the Compact City, delved into the issues surrounding communication and found, “The most common reason for both satisfaction and dissatisfaction of owners with their strata managing agent was responsiveness to enquiries and communication.

Dr Easthope, lead researcher of the study, elaborated on these findings by stating “…communication was a more important reason for both satisfaction and dissatisfaction than value for money.”

SSKB has many policies in place to ensure the highest level of transparency and timely communications are achieved with their clients, and with people seeking general information. This includes a unique and dedicated client care team that offers SSKB clients a one stop shop for information regarding their body corporate/owners corporation.

“We strive to ensure quality and consistency in responses, improve communication with clients and raise customer satisfaction levels,” said Anne Clements, Client Care General Manager. “Lot owners calls are dealt with promptly and we strive for a one call resolution.”

The client care team are able to answer all general inquiries relating to levies, insurance, committees, voting and change of address just to name a few! This frees up the Community Managers to deal with the important issues, rather than spend valuable time responding to common queries.

The client care team operates on a ‘one-call resolution’ policy which ensures most issues are attended to immediately – no waiting for a call back.  Other policies include:

  • Email queries are acknowledged as they are received, and will be responded to by the appropriate person within 48hours
  • Mail queries are responded to within 48hours after they have been received
  • A unique approach to informing our lot owners on up to the minute information – Twitter for buildings
  • Up-to-the-minute updates via SSKB Twitter and Facebook – interact with us on a social setting!
  • Weekly updates via SSKB News and StrataBlogger
  • Living in strata – free online information on the industry, ask questions 24/7 on the forum, receive information from industry experts

By utilising the internet and modernising the existing communications framework in place for our strata schemes, SSKB works hard to keep all people living in strata communities informed.

SSKB understands the importance of communication within a strata community, and that’s why we place paramount focus on keeping everyone informed in every way possible.

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