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Common Misconceptions of Strata Living – Part 6

Body Corporate

Welcome to part six of a ten part series discussing the most commonly misunderstood issues related to strata living.

6. Body Corporate Resources

The body corporate world can be quite confusing to say the least! There are so many rules, regulations and bylaws to keep on top of which can be hard considering the industry seems like it’s in a constant state of change and revolution.

It is a common misconception in the body corporate world that the industry lacks resources and that it can be hard for lot owners to find out information.

SSKB endeavours to keep their clients informed at all times. This not only helps our communities to run more effectively and efficiently, but often helps to give lot owners a bit more peace of mind that they’re not missing out on important information.

To help our readers out, we have compiled a quick reference list of the key industry bodies that lot owners can refer to for assistance covering a wide range of issues.

  • The Queensland Government Body Corporate and Community Management website is an important resource for Queenslander’s living in a body corporate. Here you will have access to a range of useful features including the latest news, informative fact-sheets, training information and the Commissioner’s Office.
  • The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading has a website for strata schemes. This page gives strata residents of NSW access to various useful documents and important information.
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria has a comprehensive Owners Corporations page dedicated to providing all lot owners in Victoria with all the information they need for their strata scheme.
  • Living in Strata is the easiest way to find strata information across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria all in one convenient place! It is an online information portal that educates and informs people of the latest and most up to date information about body corporate related rules, regulations and information. Here you can search through information easily using the wiki or submit your questions on the forum and be answered by a range of industry professionals.
  • SSKB News is our very own news service and brings you all the latest coming from SSKB including legislative updates, changes in policies, articles on the big issues as well as various case studies on how we have made a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners.
  • SSKB’s YouTube channel provides you with some really interesting discussion and commentary on industry topics as well as useful educational videos on a range of issues including financial information.
  • SSKB’s Twitter feed and Facebook page is really handy if you’re not after a long read but are still interested in reading up on the latest body corporate news on the go. Our social media outlets are often the first place news is released and they are also great for their interactive nature. We think it’s really important to being able to communicate with our clients in whichever way is convenient to them so make sure you ‘follow’ and ‘like’ us to keep updated in real-time!

Have any of the above resources been able to help you in a time of need? Or have you come across any body corporate resources that have been particularly useful to you? We’d love to hear about them and share them with our readers to spread the word!


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