Our Fees - SSKB - Strata Managers | Community Experts

SSKB is engaged by your strata community for an agreed fee to attend to the secretarial and financial functions on behalf of the body corporate/owners corporation.

These services may include matters such as convening and attending the annual general meeting which involves preparation of proposed budgets and sending notices for the meeting, in addition to forwarding minutes to all owners. SSKB also provide these same services for committee meetings held by your body corporate.

In addition SSKB attends to routine correspondence and assists your body corporate/owners corporation in ensuring that they are compliant with legislative issues.

The Financial Team at SSKB looks after financial matters include opening and operating the strata community’s bank account, attends to payment of accounts, issue contribution notices to lot owners and receipting those payments.

We also carry out reconciliation of the accounts and preparation of financial statements at the end of each financial year, as well as obtaining quotations for the renewal of the body corporate’s insurance.

The necessary registers required to be kept by law are established and maintained by SSKB. These registers include the body corporate/owners corporation roll, contracts register, register of improvements on common property and lot improvements records.

All other important documentation and records such as the Community Management Statement for the scheme and other reports are kept and maintained for the body corporate/owners corporation which are also made available to interested parties to inspect the body corporate/owners corporation records.

All owners’ queries are received and attended to by SSKB through an experienced team of customer service consultants who also maintain documents and records for the body corporate/owners corporation on the SSKB Portal.

Additional items not included in the Agreed Services may be requested from time to time and these are charged in accordance with the schedule of Additional Fees listed on this website.