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Being a body corporate or an owners corporation committee member takes dedication and hard work.

SSKB is here to assist in making your job easier by providing qualified and timely advice on strata management to help ensure all legislative requirements are met.

We can also help you on a wide range of matters to do with the smooth running of your community such as insurance, sinking fund/maintenance fund forecasts, accounting services and more.

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What does a committee do?

The committee is the executive arm of the body corporate.

The committee has the duty of putting into effect the lawful decisions of the body corporate (Body Corporate and Community Management Act Section 101).

It is a group charged with the decision-making power to deal with matters of lesser importance that confront a body corporate during the year.

Every body corporate must have a committee (Standard Module Section 7), unless a body corporate manager is engaged in place of the committee to carry out the executive functions. (Standard Module Section 58), (Body Corporate and Community Management Act Section 122).

The committee is elected yearly at the annual general meeting.

Committee Fact Sheets

New to the committee?

Congratulations on taking an active step to improve and empower your community. There is a lot to learn about the rights and responsibilities a body corporate and owners corporation has.

And your SSKB community manager is there to guide you through the process.

SSKB holds regular training and information days for committee members. In addition there are useful fact sheets that will help you make informed decisions for your community.

To start, we recommend finding out more about the laws which govern your community. You can do this by visiting our legislation page which has useful links for Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian committee members.

Code of Conduct for Body Corporate Managers
Committee Information Pack
What is available on the SSKB Portal
New Features for Owners using the SSKB Portal

Enhancements have been made to the Online Portal which are being introduced. This change involves the way committee members and lot owners log on to the Portal.

Owners and committee members will be required to create “User Accounts” rather than using the existing method of using their Ids and password.

When logging onto the Portal, owners and committee members will be requested to  –

Select “Create”, enter their Login ID and password, select “Upgrade” and enter their email address which will be used as their future login and then create their own unique password.

New owners will be provided with an ID number and reference number initially to logon and then requested to create their user account.

Existing Login Ids and reference numbers will no longer be applicable once the new User Account has been set up.

Committee access to reports and documents will automatically be granted if the email address of their User Account matches the email address recorded in the Committee Records of the Body Corporate Roll.  If the email address does not match a committee member can request Committee Access to allow additional Reports & Documents or advise SSKB of the correct email details.

Lot owners will have the ability to link multiple properties if they wish, or share their login with a co-owner  and should refer to the website for further  information using these features.