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Claims Process Following a Catastrophic Event

Brisbane Hail/Storm Event 27/11/2014

The storm was described in the local papers as the storm of the decade. Cyclone strength winds and large hail storms hit areas of Brisbane ranging from Forest Lake through to Milton, with suburbs such as Albion, Chermside and Aspley also taking a hit. The Insurance Council of Australia has reported that over 60,000 claims have been lodged with the costs exceeding $1.1 billion.

Cyclone Marcia – 20/2/2015

The Insurance Council of Australia reported on the 12/3/2015 that the insurance losses following Tropical Cyclone Marcia in Queensland stood at $403.6m with 29,565 claims lodged. Suncorp alone were expecting more than 10,000 claims at a cost of between $120-$150m.

The thought of dealing with property or vehicle damage, following such a large weather event, can be very daunting, however customers should notify their broker/insurer as soon as possible so that claims can be triaged and arrangements can be made to get the property assessed as soon as it is safe to do so. The biggest problem with these types of catastrophes is for a client to get access to a builder/trades/repairers when the demand is high. When there is major damage to glass, it is our experience that some of the permanent repairs are still taking several months to be completed.

If you experience any damage from these catastrophe events, the number one priority is to make your property safe. Insurers will allow reasonable expenses to be incurred to assist in this process.

The things you can do are:-

  • If the property is unsafe, notify the local authorities such as SES and Energex.
  • Broken windows board up as necessary – try to keep the area dry and ventilated as possible. This will assist in avoiding the quick build-up of mould.
  • Take photos of the damage to help support your claim in the event items need to be thrown out.
  • If your electrics/electrical items have been water damaged get a professional to look at it before the power is turned on to the property
  • Once the property is safe, notify your insurance broker who will have emergency contact numbers for insurers.

Insurance Companies are very quick to activate disaster plans to assist with the influx of new claims and enquiries.

For you various insurance needs contact Insurance Aid General Brokers on 07 3630 1823.

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