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Changing Community Managers

Changing Community Managers

It is important to make sure the right body corporate manager is appointed for each scheme.

Many lot owners think it is difficult to change managers when in fact, SSKB can make the process very easy for you. We take care of the change over process and the handover of the records.

What information do I need when considering a change of manager?

When changing body corporate managers, you need to consider your current agreement. This includes the expiry date of your current agreement. Agreements can be for a period of no more than 3 years. The end of financial year/annual general meeting date will need to be considered.

It is also important to consider the number of lots in your scheme. Whether you are a 10-lot scheme in the suburbs or a 80-lot scheme in the CBD SSKB treats you like our most valuable client.

It is also important to consider your schemes requirements. For example, the number of meetings your scheme requires.

How do I change manager?

Joining the SSKB team is easy and can be completed in 5 simple steps:

1. Contact SSKB for a confidential discussion to better understand your needs and concerns.

2. Determine the expiry date of your current agreement and identify your financial end.

3. Instruct your current manager NOT to include a motion to renew their agreement in your AGM agenda.

4. Instruct them to include SSKB’s agreement and the motion for appointment in the AGM agenda.5. Once appointed, SSKB will arrange a seamless handover of your building from your current manager.

What will happen during the handover?

During the handover process, SSKB will liaise with the incumbent manager and confirm a date for collection of the records. Once notice is provided, your current Body Corporate Manager must hand over the records within 30 days.

Upon collection SSKB sort, Identify and document records received. SSKB will provide a memo to the Committee outlining our findings and what action has been undertaken in relation to the records received once all data has been analysed and processed to SSKB’s system.

Your newly appointed Community Manager will be in regular contact with you to update you on the progress of the handover and ensure no items are overlooked.

Why consider a change to SSKB?

SSKB is a proven industry leader in strata management, with clients throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We enjoy a 98% client retention rate and a 4.5 star rating from our clients.

At SSKB, we assist our communities to fulfil their statutory obligations to repair and maintain common property through the co-ordination of their administration and financial affairs. Our role is to guide the committee, providing ethical, sound advice that follows legislation to the letter, which in turn creates and nurtures harmonies communities.

When you sign on as a committee member or lot owner with SSKB, you gain access to our expert client solutions team who are on hand to assist with all enquires and provide industry-leading advice on effective strata management.

At SSKB we want all our clients to be ‘StrataSure’ when it comes to their homes and investments. Stratasure is our commitment to you. A series of principles that guide every aspect of our business to assure our clients that every detail of their community matters. These principles include: Client experience, loyalty, education and guidance, compliance and governance, systems and processes, quality and commitment, delivery, integrity, continuous improvement and ethical stance.

If you would like more information about how SSKB can make a positive difference to your strata community, click here.

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