NSW Strata Land Reforms

NSW Strata Land Reforms

The New South Wales Government has made changes to Strata laws. This is effective from December 11, 2023, aiming to create fairness and transparency. These reforms stem from the Strata Legislation Amendment Bill 2023. Which is in response to public consultations and recommendations from the 2021 Statutory Review of the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 […]

4 Tips to Prepare Your Strata Building for El Niño – NSW

4 Tips to Prepare Your Strata Building for El Niño – NSW

El Niño is a prolonged weather event that brings drier and hotter conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology declared that an El Niño event is underway for Australia . Consequently, heightening risks of high temperatures and increasing the likelihood of natural fires throughout Australia.  In the wake of this declaration, it is important to be prepared […]

Who Pays for Repairs and Maintenance of Owners Corporation Property: NSW 

Who Pays for Repairs and Maintenance of Owners Corporation Property: NSW

Farewell to confusion—presenting your quick reference guide. The following determines who pays for repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property. Outlining the people accountable for covering repair and maintenance expenses within an Owners Corporation property.  When it comes to communal living, the Owners Corporation often shoulders the responsibility for maintaining common property. While the individual […]

Essential Guide to Strata Finance – NSW

Essential Guide to Strata Finance - NSW

Firstly, it is important to know what strata loans are:  What are Strata Loans?  In certain situations, an Owners Corporation may encounter unexpected expenses for emergency repairs or major remedial works.  Ideally, there should be sufficient funds in the Sinking Fund. Also known as a Capital Expenditure or Maintenance Fund, to cover such costs.   However, […]

Help Guide for OC Insurance- NSW

a help guide about owners corporation insurance- nsw

Even considering obtaining an insurance policy is enough to give people a headache- let alone handling insurance for a multi-story apartment block.   Strata Insurance is a necessity for Owners Corporation it helps cover the property and common contents of the scheme. Typically, all lot owners in a scheme share the division of costs for strata […]

4 Tips To Reduce Levy Arreas in Owners Corporation Communities – NSW

4 Tips To Reduce Levy Arrears in Strata Communities -NSW

Arrears is simply defined as, “money which is owed that was required by the due date.” The arrears process, or the collection of overdue contributions is a very important function in your Owners Corporation. It enables the Owners Corporation to meet its budget and maintain the cashflow required to meet the expenditure of the complex. […]

3 Ways SSKB Has Digitally Innovated- NSW

Strata Digital Innovation

Technology can be such a powerful tool. Its capabilities are used to make things quicker, simpler, collaborative and more accessible. It gives us the ability to connect with others anywhere in the world, anytime. That is why SSKB are continually digitally innovating.   At SSKB our purpose is to help make the lives of our Committee […]

6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Pet In Strata- NSW

Pets living in Strata

So, you’re planning on purchasing a beautiful new pet? The idea of being able to live with a fury friend is an exciting prospect. However, no matter what type of animal it is, be it a dog, cat, bird, if you are living in an Owners Corporation property, you will be subject to strata approval […]

6 Ways To Promote Harmonious Strata Living- NSW

Harmonious Strata Living

The current property market in New South Wales has seen expediential growth in apartment living, with many of these buyers being new to an Owners Corporation. In Australia, apartments now account for nearly one third (30.9 per cent) of the increase in private dwellings since 2016 (ABS, 2021). Considering this, as an Owner it is […]