By-laws in Queensland – What You Need to Know

By-laws in Queensland – What You Need to Know

By-laws in Queensland – What You Need to Know

While a Body Corporate may be efficient in ensuring the by-laws for their scheme are current and up to date, it doesn’t always mean residents are aware of these by-laws and are following them correctly. 

In this article we have listed some frequently asked questions when it comes to by-laws.

First, let’s take a closer look at what by-laws are and how they come about! 
All strata schemes are required to have a set of by-laws that residents and visitors of the scheme must followThe Body Corporate determines the by-laws that best suit it, however there is a condition that by-laws must be reasonable. The by-laws may also be altered as required by a general meeting resolution

Can I ask my Body Corporate for a copy of the by-laws? 

The by-laws can be accessed in the Body Corporate records. The by-laws will usually be in the Community Management Statement (CMS), however, they may be in a document of their own. If you are a new resident to the scheme or are looking to buy a lot in the scheme, it is recommended that you read the Body Corporate by-laws to ensure you are aware what rules must be followed by its owners, occupiers and visitors. 

Should my Body Corporate follow a particular template when setting our by-laws? 

There is no specific model to follow when creating by-laws. Every scheme is different and will require personalised by-laws to suit the desired lifestyle of the scheme. Your SSKB Community Manager can refer you to a Solicitor who specialises in drafting by-laws.

As we end this article we will leave you with two pieces of advice. Ensure your by-laws are reasonable and ensure they are being suggested for the benefit of all owners.

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