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Being a Client of SSKB Means You Get More Than Just a Community Manager

More than just a Community Manager

Clients of SSKB get access to the SSKB Invoice Hub. The Invoice Hub is an online approval system that allows Committees access to pending invoices 24 hours a day. It puts in place a system where multiple Committee members need to approve a payment before it is made. 

This online approval system allowed one of SSKB’s qualified accountants to pick up on a contract that had not been renewed however, the client continued to be charged. As one of SSKB’s accountants picked up on this, the Body Corporate saved thousands of dollars. If the client was not with a Body Corporate that has these systems and procedures in place, they may have lost a significant amount of money.

The committee were extremely grateful that the accountant picked up on this and they were able to save thousands of dollars.

The Invoice Hub has been developed to facilitate good governance and transparency. It allows you to view scanned invoices, view details on where the invoice has been coded in your general ledger and lets you view the complete history as well as any comments made on any invoices previously approved or rejected.

When you are a client of SSKB your community will have the services of a qualified accountant who will be available to assist the Body Corporate with any financial queries. Our in-house accounting team is made up of over 75 years’ experience, 3 CPA’s, 7 Tertiary degrees and 2 Chartered Accountants.

SSKB also has dedicated accounts payable experts managing the payments of your creditor invoices. This team, in conjunction with the SSKB online platform, ensures all invoices are approved by the Committee and paid on time.

SSKB process 90,000 invoices annually with a 99.96% accuracy which is higher than the industry standard.

If your Body Corporate do not have systems and processes in place to the standard of SSKB to ensure your funds are handled with care, click here to make the switch today.

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