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Behind the Scenes at SSKB

At SSKB, the effective management of your strata community is as important to us as it is to you. While our Community Management team is your main point of contact, we have a number of dedicated departments working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for your committee.

Allow us to introduce the team:

Client Solutions
Our expert Client Solutions team is on hand to answer general enquiries from  lot owners, caretakers, contractors and the general public. They work on a ‘one resolution’ policy, aiming to resolve any issues you may have on the first call. Currently, the Client Solutions team receives approximately 190 calls per day, with an average of 120 of these being dealt with as a one call resolution. Client Solutions can assist with queries including but not limited to: levies, updating your contact details, disclosure statements and any additional general queries.

Client Financials
Our Client Financials Team is made up of accountants and accounts payable staff, all of whom are experienced in all aspects of the management of body corporate funds. The accounts payable team are able to track the status of invoices and process 92% of properties invoices within 24 hours. The Client Financials team are on hand for all queries regarding cash flow, financial statements, budgets, audits, and many more.

Levy Management Team
Our Levy Management Team assists our bodies corporate in maintaining their cash flow by ensuring lot owners remain up to date with their levies. They follow a strict process when it comes to arrears management and have a 99.6% success rate in ensuring arrears matters do not progress to costly legal action, saving owners unnecessary expense.  The Levy Management Team is available to discuss any matter to do with the levy collection process.

Our Operations Team supports the StrataSure message of compliance and governance and quality commitment. They achieve this by leading a comprehensive training program for all staff to create a team of industry leaders, whose focus is on the continuing development of skills. The Operations Team monitors and supports the systems and processes in place at SSKB, and is always looking for ways to further the skills of our staff.

If you are interested in meeting any of the above teams, please contact your Community Manager who will be happy to arrange a meeting.

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