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Behind The Scenes at SSKB

Behind The Scenes at SSKB

At SSKB we make it as easy as possible for your Committee to manage and maintain your property. From our frontline team in client solutions to our Strata Management Team, to our Finance and Accounting Team, SSKB are a one stop shop for all things Strata.

Community Management

From preparing budgets, to advising committees on legislative requirements, SSKB’s Community Managers are highly skilled individuals. We are knowledgeable and experienced to work across the many different areas of Community Management.

Each Community Manager is partnered with a dedicated Assistant Manager.

Our Community Managers assist Committees in managing financial responsibilities, preparing agendas, taking minutes of meetings, maintaining required records and receiving and sending correspondence to a wide range of stakeholders. Other day to day tasks include assisting Committees to enforce their by-laws, guidance through dispute resolution processes, assisting with obtaining quotes for works, liaising with Building Managers, Owners, Residents, Committee Members and more.

Our Community Managers are accessible and dedicated to servicing our clients.

Finance and Accounting

SSKB’s Finance and Accounting team play a vital role in the running of your scheme.

When you are a client of SSKB, your community will have the services of a qualified Accountant who will be able to assist your Body Corporate/Owners Corporation with any financial queries. Our in-house accounting team is made up of over 75 years of experience, 3 CPAs, 7 Tertiary degrees and 2 Chartered Accountants.

SSKB has dedicated accounts payable experts managing the payments of your creditor invoices. This team, in conjunction with the SSKB online platform ensures all invoices are approved by the Committee and paid on time.

SSKB processes annually 90,000 invoices with a 99.96% accuracy. This is higher than the industry standard.


At SSKB we have a dedicated Operations Team who support the StrataSure message of compliance, government and quality commitment. The Operations Team monitors and supports the systems and processes in place at SSKB and is always looking for ways to further the skills of our employees.

Client Solutions

When you are a client with SSKB, you gain access to our expert client solutions team who are on hand to assist with all enquiries and provide industry-leading advice on effective strata management solutions.

We offer access to first-hand information regarding your property’s affairs. Our highly skilled and experienced staff are equipped to handle your enquiries the first time you call. Our expert Client Solutions Team solve 94% of owner queries on the spot. If a matter is beyond one of our team, we will refer it to your strata manager/assistant manager for further assistance. Committee members have access direct to their dedicated Community Manager.

SSKB is the only strata business to invest in a dedicated Client Solutions Team to ensure your Community Manager is free of many day to day administration tasks and therefore able to provide community management services for more complex issues.

The Team is available to help clients with their everyday questions including levy enquiries and certificate requests. They are available to help with anything from maintenance queries, pet applications, document and insurance requests and all general questions relating to their Bodies Corporate or Owners Corporation.

Having a dedicated team to assist clients with their quires allows your Community Manager and Assistant Community Manager spend more time providing community management services that will make a positive difference in your Strata community.

Are you an SSKB client?

Strata Title Buildings are complex entities, no two schemes are the same. For a scheme to run effectively and efficiently a variety of skills from many areas are required. Ensure you are with a group who understands the complexities of Strata Management.

Click here for an obligation free consultation to see how SSKB can benefit your community.  

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