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Behind the brand

At SSKB we’re committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners through:

  • Superb Service
  • High Quality People
  • Innovative Product Offerings

We’ve made our mission statement very clear throughout the years. But what about the focused professionals behind the message? SSKB is managed and run by two experts in the industry; Tim Sheehan and Paul Wood. The duo have been working together for over 13 years now and are just as committed to the mission statement today as they were in 2000.

An introduction to SSKB Director Tim Sheehan

Tim Sheehan-SSKB-Strata-ManagementTim Sheehan has been with SSKB since May 2000, initially working with developers to structure new projects and since 2004 as a Director and Chief Executive Officer. He holds bachelor degrees in law and commerce as well as a Certificate IV in Body Corporate Management. Prior to joining SSKB Tim spent 5 years as a solicitor practicing in the areas of strata development, management rights and body corporate law. Tim is a regular contributor to industry journals.

Married with 4 children, Tim’s interests include rugby union (QLD Reds),, skiing and horse racing.
Tim’s vision for SSKB is to build a team dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of lot owners.  He is committed to using emerging technologies in delivering the SSKB service.

An introduction to SSKB Director Paul Wood

Paul Wood - SSKB Strata ManagementPaul has over 15 years industry experience including community management, management rights, accounting and development. He joined SSKB in 2000 as a body corporate manager with a large portfolio of prestigious Brisbane buildings. Due to Paul’s accounting background he was appointed as the Group Financial Officer in 2004. He then opened our Victorian office along with establishing a large management rights operation. In September 2007 Paul was appointed as a Director of SSKB. Previously Paul held the position of company accountant for a developer, gained valuable experience working for an international chartered accounting firm, as well as owning and operating management rights for over 3 years.

Married with 2 children, Paul’s interests include travel, rugby, horse racing, food and spending time with his family. Paul’s vision for SSKB is to be the number one strata management firm in Australia by focusing on what service clients desire and providing it through a professional team.

Tim and Paul are excited about what the future holds for SSKB and are happy to engage with SSKB clients to help make a positive difference in their lives. To contact Tim directly click here or to contact Paul directly click here.


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