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Australia Post Delivery Issues

SSKB Strata Managers look at Australia Post's delivery issues

SSKB shares the frustration of our committee members and lot owners over missing and delayed mail delivery.

Since Australia Post changed its terms of service at the end of 2015, we have received feedback from our clients that important information relating to their property has either not arrived, or not arrived on time.

According to Australia Post’s new terms of service, sending mail to an interstate regional address can take up to six business days.

SSKB exceeds the legislative requirement to provide 21 days’ notice of an AGM, by sending out notices one month in advance of the meeting. Levies are sent out approximately six weeks prior to the due date and nominations for committee are sent out approximately five weeks prior to close of acceptance.

In addition, SSKB carries out a returned mail process. This means all mail returned to our central mailing address is double checked and where additional contact details are available, the owners are contacted to update their address details.

We would like to invite all committees to encourage lot owners to sign on to receive paperless notices to ensure that your important community information are received.

For those who would still prefer to receive paper notices, SSKB strongly recommends owners provide us with an email address as a secondary form of contact to meet the required timeframe of legislative requirements.

The quickest and most secure way to ensure you receive important information such as levy notices and AGM notifications is direct by e-mail. This information is also available on your StrataMax dashboard.

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