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Abbott splits Australian Tourism Portfolio

LATEST INDUSTRY NEWS: Tony Abbott’s decision to split the tourism portfolio between two Ministers has already caused quite a stir.

For the first time in 40 years, Australia will no longer have a sole tourism minister. The decision was announced when Mr Abbott introduced the new Australian Government Ministry on September 16.

Tourism interests will now be split between the Minister for Industry Ian MacFarlane and Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb. Mr Robb will look after international tourism and Mr MacFarlane, domestic tourism.

There has been mixed reactions following the announcement, with some labelling the move as ‘alarming’.

On the other hand, many others, including Mr Abbott have defended the decision.

“I intend, through a deregulation agenda, to make it easier for the tourism industry,” Mr Abbott said.

Statistics show tourism is a major contributor to gross domestic product. Furthermore, alone it generates hundreds and  thousands of jobs. The question is, with the absence of an individual tourism minister, will the new deal be better or worse? Will the interests of those that operate within the tourism sector, (in particular the thousands of businesses that rely solely on the growth of the industry) be protected?

In strata, many lot owners rely heavily on the domestic rental market or the tourism market to make their investment profitable.

Tourism accommodation is mostly found in strata developments opposed to stand alone houses-therefore this is an issue that will need to be closely monitored.

We will keep an eye on these changes, providing updates on the tourism sector as they come to hand.

We would love to hear your opinion. Do you think Australia’s tourism sector needs its own sole Minister?

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