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A Big Noise On Peace and Quiet

SSKB gives you handy tips for dealing with noisy neighbours

Summer is nearly here! And if your strata title community has holiday lets, that means the arrival of school and summer holiday visitors taking a break and enjoying the facilities.

It might also mean a bit of extra noise to deal with.

While very few people mind the enthusiastic play of children in and around the community swimming pool during the day, it’s a different matter if raucous parties are disturbing the peace at all hours of the night.

When the noise becomes too much, the good news is the rentals manager has the authority to remind the holiday makers of the terms and conditions of their stay and, in a worst case scenario, cancel the booking.

But what happens if it’s not a holiday maker but a permanent resident, perhaps even a fellow owner making too much noise?

Time Check

First of all, check the time. Depending on the specific by-laws which govern your community, you might have to wait until after 10pm to make a complaint.

Be Calm and Have a Chat

That might be hard to do at 2am and you have to be up for work at 6am, but opening the door to an angry face and a blast of profanities is more likely to aggravate matters than calm them.

Instead, a knock on a shared wall or a quick rap on the door might be just enough to get the neighbour to turn down Nickelback’s greatest hits or the late night TV reruns of Midsomer Murders.

Offer solutions

Many people don’t realise how intrusive modern subwoofers can be. It might be the case that music volume is not so much a problem, but rather the bass notes which can reverberate through walls. Asking a neighbour to switch off the subwoofer after dark might make all the difference to restoring peace and quiet.

Modern televisions have fantastic sound systems built in, and the latest Bruce Willis action blockbuster is likely to have its fair share of explosions, sirens, gunfire and screaming tyres. Asking your ‘die hard’ neighbour to be mindful of the Dolby Surround Sound is perfectly reasonable.

It’s not just a problem with the youngsters either, sometimes older people with hearing loss can have their television at excessively loud volumes and not even realise it.

Timing is everything…

Perhaps it’s not the noise but the time which is a problem. Suggesting your cello playing neighbour schedule practice for late afternoon and early evening is a much more agreeable start than simply telling them to ‘shut the racket’.

By The Book

Depending on the authority delegated to the manager by your committee, your resident unit manager may have the ability to remind all residents of the bylaws  in place to ensure the enjoyment of all residents.

Also, contact your body corporate/owners corporation committee who will remind the occupant about the bylaws.

As a last resort, you may need to take your case to mediation and if that fails, the Magistrates Court in your local area may apply judgement.

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