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4 Ways SSKB Can Benefit Your Building

4 Ways SSKB Can Benefit Your Building

SSKB is turning 25! That’s 25 years of making positive a difference in the lives of our lot owners.  
Throughout our many years in the industry we have evolved and developed our company to ensure everything we do is of benefit to our clients.  
Below are 4 ways that SSKB can benefit your building!  

1. Community Management 

Our team of professional Community Managers are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully implement strategies to deal with the day-to-day operations of a body corporate. Our Community Managers lead the industry with personalised service and positive outcomes. 
From the day-to-day Secretarial and Treasurer duties, right through to information on bylaws and compliance, our team is qualified and able to provide advice, strategies and guidance in order to maintain your investment, increase its value and enhance your community’s reputation as a great place to live. 

2. A Dedicated Owners Helpline 

SSKB is committed to ensuring the highest level of customer service possible and this means promptly providing solutions to incoming enquiries and client concerns. 
When you are a client with SSKB, you gain access to our expert client solutions team who are on hand to assist with all enquiries and provide industry-leading advice on effective strata management solutions. 

We offer access to first-hand information regarding your property’s affairs. Our highly skilled and experienced staff are equipped to handle your enquiries the first time you call. Our expert Client Solutions Team solve 94% of owner queries on the spot. If a matter is beyond one of our team, we will refer it to your strata manager/assistant manager for further assistance. Committee members have access direct to their dedicated Community Manager. 

3. Finance and Accounting 

SSKB’s Finance and Accounting team play a vital role in the running of your scheme. 
When you are a client of SSKB, your community will have the services of a qualified Accountant who will be able to assist your Body Corporate/Owners Corporation with any financial queries. Our in-house accounting team is made up of over 75 years of experience, 3 CPAs, 7 Tertiary degrees and 2 Chartered Accountants. 
SSKB has dedicated accounts payable experts managing the payments of your creditor invoices. This team, in conjunction with the SSKB online platform ensures all invoices are approved by the Committee and paid on time. 
SSKB processes annually 90,000 invoices annually with a 99.96% accuracy.  

4. Record Keeping  

At SSKB we ensure records are accurate and up to date through the use of our electronic document management systems.  
SSKB has a dedicated team to update all essential aspects of the Body Corporate records. The records updated include the Owners Roll, Contracts and Agreements, third party Reports, Term Deposit Investments, common property Inspections Register (for non-contractual routine on-site matters), minutes and every item of correspondence. 
It is imperative that your Committee appoint a Strata Manager that will ensure owners and potential buyers are aware of all information relating to the building. Potential buyers can be deterred if your buildings records are missing correspondence, minutes, reports, paid and unpaid invoices and more. 

Want To See How SSKB Can Benefit Your Scheme?  

Strata Title Buildings are complex entities, no two schemes are the same. For a scheme to run effectively and efficiently a variety of skills from many areas are required. Ensure you are with a group who understands the complexities of Strata Management. 

Click here for an obligation free consultation to see how SSKB can benefit your community.   

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