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3 Secrets on How to Cut a Good Deal

By: Helene Johansen, SSKB Marketing & PR Assistant

Every strata community requires regular maintenance and regardless if the money is taken from the sinking fund or the admin fund, it is in the best interest of your community to secure a reasonable price.

Often it is crucial to find a contractor that specialises in large strata projects in order to get good value for what you are paying. But, where do you find contractors that specifically specialise in strata?

If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s about time you bookmark the website as your favourite: LivingInStrata.com.au

Living In Strata is an interactive website where anyone can become a member for free.

Community managers, strata lawyers, real estate agents and other industry professionals from different companies answer your questions free of charge, because it gives them an opportunity to raise their profile and establish themselves as industry experts. And hey, that’s beneficial for you!

The 3 secrets

Living In Strata also features the Strata Market, specifically created so you can find businesses and contractors which specialise in strata. When you have maintenance needs, go to LivingInStrata.com.au and make sure you use these 3 handy secrets below to ensure you cut a good deal with the contractor you choose.

  1. Check reviews at Living In Strata and gather quotes from several different contractors
  2. Invite the contractor(s) to come along to a committee meeting to explain their quotation and answer any questions to ensure you get value for your money
  3. Provide contractors with a scope of work to cut a deal.

Watch out

Be smart though, if one contractor comes back with a quote which is very different from all the others a red flag should go up. Why are they so much cheaper or extremely expensive? Don’t waste your time by inviting these contractors to your committee meeting!

Living In Strata is for everyone to share and discover information about living in strata titled schemes for free. Go to www.livinginstrata.com.au today to find out more.


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