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25 years of Making a Positive Difference

25 Years of Making a Positive Difference_

SSKB is turning 25! That’s 25 years of making a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners.  
Since starting in 1995, we have seen many changes to the Strata Industry and our company has been molded to keep up with these changes.  
The name SSKB came from our original founders Stewart, Silver, King and Burns.  
Over the years SSKB has acquired three subsidiary companies to create a one stop shop for all things Strata. We have also introduced principles of business, a dedicated owner’s helpline and continued to improve our processes to keep up with the ever changing world of Strata.  
Let’s take a look at our three subsidiaries:  


Star Building Management Services (Star BMS) is a facilities management company established in 1992 to meet the growing need for quality asset management in the Body Corporate sector. 

StarBMS delivers a comprehensive and diverse range of professional services including facilities management, project management, construction, landscaping, cleaning and property refurbishments.  

StarBMS reduces the risk of poor-quality maintenance and improves the value of your property. 

Silver Asset Services  

Silver Energy was formed in 2003 providing bodies corporate and building owners with access to industry-leading experience in bulk utilities supply administration and the resultant cost savings. In 2008 the company name changed to Silver Asset Services to better reflect the comprehensive range of services available. 

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Silver Asset Services specialises in the administration of bulk utilities services to Body Corporate and Owners Corporation communities. Silver Asset Services also work closely with developers to ensure capital costs are minimised while offering investors and residents significant savings on the cost of utility services.  

SSKB Developer Consultancy  

SSKB has always had form of developer consulting. In 2000, a dedicated department was introduced. 
As a national operation, SSKB has the resources and flexibility to provide clients with face-to-face consultancy for seamless collaboration, no matter where the next project is located. 
Since beginning our developer consultancy division, we have worked with some of Australia’s best developers including:  

  • Asian Pacific Group 
  • Metro Property 
  • Sandt Developments 
  • Serra Property Group 
  • Raykong Property Holdings  
  • Mirvac 
  • Kokoda Properties 
  • Consolidated Properties 
  • Linq Property 
  • Metro Property Development 
  • Sekisui House 

Click here to read about an award-winning development that we were privileged to be part of.  

Client Solutions

  In 2005, we introduced our client solutions team. 

 Originally our department started with 5 people attending calls and managing roll updates and certificates. The team expanded quickly to cover processes in the attached Authorities and responsibilities to the current process of today.  
Today we have 8 team members in our Client Solutions team. The team operate on a 94% rate of owner questions answered on the spot.  
Our expert client solutions team are on hand to assist with all owner enquired.  
Click here to read more about out our client solutions team.  

Strata Sure  

In 2015, we introduced StrataSure.  

StrataSure is our principles of business that drive our people, systems and processes to give assurance to our clients that every detail matters.  
StrataSure is made up of 10 principles: Client Experience, Loyalty, Education and Guidance, Compliance and Governance, Systems and Processes, Quality and Commitment, Delivery, Integrity, Continuous Improvement and Ethical Stance.  
Click here to read more about our 10 principles.  

Since 1995, SSKB has been working with Committees to make a positive difference in the lives of lot owners.  
Our goal is to continually evolve to better our offering and to be adaptable and responsive to change. Our infrastructure supports us to continually mold into the business that is right for our clients.  
If you are not currently a client of SSKB and would like to see how easy it is to make the switch, click here to contact SSKB today.  

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