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11 Tips for Effective Committee Meetings

Ever sat through Committee Meeting after Committee Meeting and felt like nothing gets achieved?

Well follow these 11 tips and get results.

1. Get quotes and reports. If there is a job you want to see done arrange for any necessary quotes and/or reports to be carried out.

2. Put it on the agenda. List everything you want dealt with at the meeting on the Agenda. That way nothing will get forgotten.

3. Distribute information. Make sure all committee members have copies of the quotes and reports and any other relevant information at least a few days prior to the meeting.

4. Ask questions. If you have questions about anything on the Agenda for the meeting investigate before the meeting. Have as much knowledge as you can to allow you to make an informed decision at the meeting.

5. Inspect. If there is an Agenda item relating to an area of common property which you are not familiar with, go and inspect it prior to the meeting.

6. Set the rules. It’s vital that the Chairperson set the rules for the meeting at the commencement of the meeting. If everyone knows what is acceptable then there will be no excuse during the meeting.

7. Keep to the point. Agenda items quite often require an amount of discussion but don’t let the discussion drag on or regurgitate the same points over and over. Let the important points be discussed then…

8. Make a decision. If you have read the reports and quotes, asked the questions and carried out inspections you should be able to make a decision. Don’t let an item be carried forward to meeting after meeting. Do it, Delegate it or Delete it.

9. Delegate. Decide who is going to be responsible for the item and delegate it. There’s nothing worse than finding that there’s been no progress because no-one took responsibility.

10. Deadline. Set a deadline so everyone knows the expectations.

11. Mark off the List. Make a TO DO list to be addressed before the next meeting and once the item has been fully addressed get it off the Agenda.

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