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Tick of approval for SSKB’s Invoice Hub!

SSKB is proud to announce that our innovative new system, ‘the invoice hub’ is now being used by over 50 percent of our clients. Additionally, the system has generated some fantastic feedback!

CLICK HERE to watch Janis, the treasurer of Willahra Tower in Brisbane share her experience switching over to the invoice hub. Invoice-Hub-Testimonial-Video

“We don’t know why we didn’t make the change sooner!”  

With the invoice hub, you as the committee can nominate and choose who can approve your body corporate invoices; it’s as simple as logging in, checking the invoice, selecting the invoice to be approved for payment and with a click of a button, submitting the invoice for approval.

The invoice Hub is a state of the art invoice approval system, saving you time and giving you more control over the approval of invoices for your Body Corporate. Some of the benefits include:

•Streamlining the process of approving Body Corporate invoices – saving everyone time
• You will receive an email notification every time there are invoices uploaded ready for you to approve
• Simple and easy to use
• Track your invoice history online
• View scanned invoices awaiting approval
• Less paperwork and no more stamping and mailing invoices
• Allows you access to pending invoices 24/7
• View the history and activity of approved invoices for up to 90 days
• View where your invoices have been coded in your general ledger

SSKB’s aim is to have 100 percent of buildings using the hub by September 30, 2013 and we are already half way there!

Contact your Community Manager today to arrange the best time to make the switch.

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