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Think Child Safe for Windows and Balconies

Each year in NSW alone, over 8,000 children are taken to hospital as a result of a fall and 50 of these have fallen from a window or a balcony.

Children who fall from windows and balconies suffer serious injuries, and for a small number it has been fatal.

Preventing falls is particularly relevant today with many families choosing to live in medium to high rise developments where unsupervised or unsecured windows and balconies could be dangerous to children.

Take the essential steps below to secure your children from unnecessary danger:

  • Ensure windows cannot be opened more than 10cm, except by an adult OR have a securely fitted window guard
  • Remember that fly screens give no protection against falls from windows
  • Keep objects that a child can use to stand or climb on away from windows (including beds, cupboards, chairs and other furniture)
  • Keep objects that a child can use to stand or climb on away from balconies (including pot plants, outdoor furniture, boxes etc)
  • Ensure balcony railings are at least 1m high (preferable 1.3m high), with no gaps wider than 12.5cm

To find out more on how to keep your child safe, please visit NSW “Think Child Safe” campaign online.

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