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SSKB Strata Managers takes a look at the types of resolutions found in strata meetings


We’re talking about a resolution – and the different types you will encounter as a body corporate committee.

In Queensland, many body corporate decisions have to be made at a general meeting and, depending on the subject to be discussed, several different resolutions for each motion might be required.

When a motion is included on a general meeting agenda, the voting paper must state what type of resolution is needed to pass the motion:

  • An ordinary resolution
  • A special resolution or,
  • A resolution without dissent

An ordinary resolution is carried if there are more votes in favour of the motion, than there are against. In other words, a simple majority. Types of motions which need an ordinary resolution include:

  • Adopting administrative and sinking fund budgets
  • Setting annual body corporate contributions (levies)

Special resolutions are required to pass important motions affecting the Body Corporate. These include improvements to common property costing more than $2000 per lot and changes or additions to the body corporate by-laws which require consent to record a new community management statement.

There are stringent conditions to pass a motion that requires a special resolution. All three of the following conditions need to be met.

  1. At least two-thirds of the votes cast are in favour of the motion
  2. The number of votes against the motion is not more than 25% of the total number of lots
  3. The total contribution schedule lot entitlements of the votes against the motion is not more than 25% of the total contribution schedule lot entitlements for all lots in the scheme

There are occasions where a motion will require a resolution without dissent. In other words, there cannot be any ‘no’ votes. The types of matters that will require a resolution without dissent include proposals to sell or dispose of part of common property or to record a new community management statement to add an inclusive use by-law.

SSKB Community Managers are delighted to assist helping you understand the specific rules and legislative obligations for your community.

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