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Strata management with a difference!

Directors Tim Sheehan and Paul Wood share on how SSKB is making a positive difference in the lives of lot owners.

“We have created the kind of company where people feel comfortable enough to approach us with any question and know they will be given support and direction from an industry professional,”  Paul Wood. 

It takes dedication, education, experience and a real passion for the industry to become an established and well respected body corporate management company. It is these qualities that have been the driving force behind SSKB since 1995.

For almost 20 years, the team at SSKB has been building and maintaining relationships with key stake holders with a united mission statement at the forefront of all proceedings, ‘making a positive difference in the lives of lot owners.’ SSKB Director Tim Sheehan said the company strives to make a difference in three ways.

“We believe in hiring the best people for the job and giving them superior training; providing our clients with second to none service and developing new products and services for lot owners and bodies corporate,” he said.

“Great service  is about recognising the needs of clients and attending to those needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“The committees that work with us have been able to utilise our knowledge and experience to make decisions which promote harmony within their communities and increase property values.”

“Additionally, we ensure our teams frequently receive communication training, as we believe in continually upgrading our skills,” he said.

Tim has been with SSKB since the year 2000, initially working with developers to structure new projects. In 2004 he was appointed chief executive officer and in 2007 became a director. He holds bachelor degrees in law and commerce as well as a certificate IV in Body Corporate Management, and is committed to using emerging technologies in delivering SSKB’s second to none service.

Fellow Director Paul Wood has over 15 years experience in community management including owning and operating management rights, accounting and development. He also joined SSKB in 2000 as a body corporate manager, with an extensive portfolio of buildings. Due to his accounting background, he was appointed as the group financial officer/company secretary in 2004 and then director in 2007 when Tim and Paul acquired 100 percent ownership of SSKB.

Paul said it was his belief that a body corporate management company should continually be looking to the future, staying up to date with changes and developments within the industry, and ultimately improving the lives of clients. “This is not always easy as we are dealing with people’s homes and investments along with some sensitive decisions,” he said.

The team at SSKB pride themselves on being professional, reliable and most importantly approachable. “We have created the kind of company where people feel comfortable enough to approach us with any question and know they will be given support and direction from an industry professional,” Paul said.

Tim and Paul are excited about what the future holds for SSKB and are happy to engage with SSKB clients to help make a positive difference in their lives. To contact Tim directly click here or to contact Paul directly click here.

Click here to watch SSKB client testimonials 

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