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Saving Electricity Made Easy

Christmas is coming and every dollar saved now means a little more money in the bank for seasonal entertainment.

And one of the places you can save money is on your electricity bill.

If your strata community is taking advantage of your bulk buying power, you may already be saving up to 50% on electricity compared to your house-owning friends but there are even more ways you can save.

We take a look at some of our favourites:

Such a Turn Off…
Electronic items plugged in and sitting on stand by  — entertainment systems and mobile device chargers – are costing you money even when not being used.

One quick and inexpensive fix is to use a plug board. ‘Clusters’ of electronic devices — the television, the DVD player, the PVR, the games  console, the stereo, etc – can be all switched off with one action.

Purchasing a power board with inbuilt surge protection is cheap insurance for your electronic devices.

Spending just a little bit more can get you power boards with built in surge protection and convenient wireless remote control that lets you power off all the devices from the comfort of your lounge chair.

Be A Task Master
Lamps do more than just create a stylish ambience – they’re more efficient than lighting a whole room with overhead lighting. LED lights with their clusters of bring focused light are ideal for task lighting, so consider them for lamps beside your favourite reading chair or replace inefficient halogen down lights found in many kitchens.

LEDs are also incredibly energy efficient and long lasting – even more so than CFLs – which seriously outweighs the initial purchase costs.

Fill The Freezer
Not difficult to do during the holiday season! And, as counterintuitive as it sounds, a full freezer is more efficient than one which is half or nearly empty. If it is impossible to keep your freezer choc-o-block full of food, then add bottles of water to freeze.

Maintaining The Status Quo
Regular tasks such as checking the seals on refrigerators, cleaning the lint from clothes dryers and cleaning the fins and filters of your air conditioning unit will make all of those appliances more efficient and save you money!

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