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Permission For Pets – Qld

SSKB looks at seeking permission to have a pet in your apartment

Pets are part of the family but it is completely understandable that a Body Corporate Committee might want to pause for thought, before giving the ‘paws up’ to a new addition to the neighbourhood.

Most Body Corporate communities have specific by-laws which put specific conditions on animal visitors and residents.

Size and Behaviour Matters

This may govern the size of the pet, how the animal is to be transported through common areas, as well as conditions governing pet behaviour.

Some of those common conditions are:

  • The animal is not allowed on the common property, except for the purpose of being taken in or out of the scheme land;
  • The animal must be on a lead or adequately restrained while on common property;
  • The animal must be regularly treated for fleas;
  • The animal must not cause nuisance or interfere unreasonably with any person’s use or enjoyment of another lot or common property;
  • The animal be kept in good health and free from fleas and parasites;
  • Any animal waste must be disposed of in such a way that it does not create noxious odours or otherwise contaminate the scheme; and
  • Reasonable steps must be taken to minimise the transfer of airborne allergens from the animal, such as regular vacuuming and/or grooming.

New Pets Need to ‘Audition’

Where authorisation has been granted to keep a pet, that permission is granted to a specific Felix or Fido. It does not apply to any other additional pets or replacements. Any new pet will have to ‘audition’ on its merits.

A Committee can also rescind its permission if the conditions are breached.

The only exception to this blanket ban are registered assistance animals.


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