Living In Strata: Educating The Wider Community

Living In Strata, a free online information portal will play a huge part in educating the 400+ strata-title executive committee members who would be interested in further training.

A UNSW study, Governing the Compact City: The role and effectiveness of strata management report found that many volunteer organisations are operating without much training or support and has said β€œIt’s pretty amazing things are running as well as they are.”

Living in Strata can provide various individuals and organisations with the most relevant and up-to-date information on strata related issues in order to help make a positive difference on their lives.

Dr Easthope, an author of the report, has stated that neither Government intervention nor legislation is needed, but rather a wider consumer education and support is required.

Living in Strata is an initiative of SSKB and was developed to service the needs of strata communities across Australia.

For more information visit Living In Strata.

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