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Introducing Oxford on Boardwalk

Oxford on Boardwalk, SSKB are proud to be strata managers

We interview Les Riley, Treasurer of Oxford on Boardwalk, Bulimba.

Property Profile

Location – Oxford on Boardwalk, Oxford Street, Bulimba.

Property Type – Apartments and ground floor restaurant

What is it that you love about this place? My wife and I are empty nesters. I was born and raised on the south side of Brisbane and a friend of mine who lives in Balmoral persuaded me to come out to East Brisbane to take a look around this area.

We saw Oxford on Boardwalk and I loved the view to the river and being within walking distance to shops, restaurants and cafes. We’ve got great neighbours and we’re all quite social.

Oxford on Boardwalk is 11 years old and we have been living there for eight years now. In addition to the residential apartments, there is also a restaurant on site which means that, as a committee, we have to be conscious of the needs of all concerned in the complex.

We’re fortunate to have a very proactive committee and we’re always looking at ways to improve the value of the property. We recently retiled the common areas and they’re looking great. Painting will be the next big item on our list.

We’re really impressed with the level of service offered by SSKB. We were with another company and found they didn’t compare favourably with the level of knowledge and attention to detail offered by Kim Fenton and the SSKB team.

The free seminars with various body corporate experts offered by SSKB have been particularly interesting, even for people who have been on body corporate committees for some time and the booklet written by Tim Sheehan and Paul Wood was very informative.

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