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Create A Rooftop Heaven

Urban Beauty or Create A Rooftop Heaven

Unutilised roof space looks ugly and uninviting, but it does present the perfect opportunity to create beautifully designed rooftop gardens.

Unutilised roof space

A professional landscaper, who is experienced in working with roof spaces, can create a fantastic communal space, which is not only pleasing for the eye, but will considerably raise the return on investment as well.

Alex Perry Residential, an SSKB client, has uniquely designed their rooftop “Aqua Lounge” to take advantage of the extensive views and offer relaxing and stylish surroundings to their residents.

Alex Perry Residential Aqua Lounge

As proud Australians we are raised to look after the environment, and rooftop gardens can actually act as an insulator keeping heat in buildings in the winter months and reducing heat in summer.

Green roofs could even save you millions of dollars, which would otherwise have to be spent on stormwater drainage systems.

Don’t waste your rooftop space, talk to the SSKB Developer Consulting team on 5504 2015 or for an obligation free session and learn how to create your very own rooftop heaven.

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