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Changes to Accounts Payable Process

As a follow up to the StrataSure principles announced last month and in line with our pursuit of excellence in systems and processes,  SSKB has made positive changes to our Accounts Payable Process .

We have now implemented a mechanism that supports the management of emails and collaboration.  This means we can track the status of invoices from the moment we receive them, giving our teams better visibility to support invoice enquiries.  This improvement positively affects our ability to ensure your suppliers and contractors are paid promptly.

You may notice some visual changes to the layout of our emails.  These changes won’t impact all emails, only emails relating to Accounts Payable.

To ensure we maximise the benefit of this improvement, here are some important steps on how to reply to these emails:

  1. Please ensure you reply to the email address from which you received the communication.
  2. Type your reply at the top of the email, above the indicated line.

These steps will ensure your email is linked to the original enquiry, so our Accounts Payable team can process your request as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions, please speak to your strata manager who will be happy to assist.

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