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Butt Out

A large majority of respondents to the strata laws online report indicated that they “strongly opposed being subject to second-hand smoke in strata buildings and demanded smoking to be banned from communal areas and open air balconies.”

Conducted by Global Access Partners, the report to the NSW Government highlighted the issue after thousands of residents and lot owners living in strata schemes demanded the ‘Strata Authorities’ deal with the issue promptly.

Health and wellbeing concerns from the public and NSW Cancer Council also noted, “Risks to health from second hand tobacco smoke exposure, even at low dosage levels, are well established by medical research evidence and the law should protect people against smoke penetrating their own homes.”

The debate to disallow smoking in strata schemes is a difficult one.

If you are affected by cigarette smoke in your home, SSKB would recommend the following:

  1. Talk to the smoker about the problem; let them know that their smoke is affecting you. More than likely you will be able to come to a resolution that suits you both.
  2. If talking to your neighbour doesn’t solve the issue or you are not comfortable in approaching the individual, speak to your Owners Corporation about getting the issue resolved.

If neither of the above provides resolve to your problem, contact your Strata Manager in regards to tabling a motion at the next general meeting to introduce a smoke free by-law to be considered and voted upon by all owners under special resolution.

If you have any further questions regarding smoking, don’t hesitate to contact SSKB or your Strata Manager.




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