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All Means Necessary


SSKB uses all means necessary to ensure owners are constantly updated and informed about matters relating to their investment and communities.

The Chevron Renaissance indoor pool was recently opened after a $500,000 refurbishment for the benefit of residents and visitors.

To make sure all owners were properly informed (regardless of where they lived), SSKB ensured the whole process was filmed from beginning to end.

SSKB Community Manager Katie Todd said they had been working very hard on providing the owners and residents with as much insight into the refurbishment as they possibly could.

“We made three short videos which we uploaded on our SSKB YouTube channel and then widely broadcasted through our social media sites.

“A large portion of the owners are overseas or do not reside in the apartments themselves, so in the first instance we needed to be able to show why the refurbishment was required.

“We also wanted to show the owners the progress of the refurbishment and of course the final product,” Katie added.

On Monday 6 February, SSKB employees were lucky enough to have front row in witnessing the ribbon cutting by Chairman of the Body Corporate Committee, Richard Shaw, and stay for the official opening of the renovated 25 metre lap pool.

The refurbished facility will be a great asset to Chevron Renaissance and SSKB is very proud to make this official opening announcement. Jump online and visit our YouTube channel and check out the videos.

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